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All HUN, soon !?

The man of tomorrow, HUN, has only one alternative to get by. He must slip into the pink skin in order to
save the human species and reconnect with Mother Nature.

The different Universal Pink Men...

The Banana Manifestos :
• Little soldiers working with Pink and poetry
• only invited and co-opted artists

The Pinkas :
• anyone sympathizing with the Pink Spirit
• Mr Pinkasso or the 3rd chromatic musketeer
• the artist carrying the Pink Idea: Francis Willm

Pink Sponsors, Patrons and Ambassadors:
• the partner companies group together via the Pink Circle through logistical, financial, skills and networks

The Co-Continentors: says the Co-Cos
• Artists contributing to build the 8th Continent

The residents of the 8th continent:
• Cocooners or Pinkanians

The fauna of the 8th continent:
• The Legitimates...

The flora of the 8th continent:
• the First ones...

The New Universal Man & the Golbot of the 8th  Continent:
• the Guests

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