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RoofTop-Mulhouse, Collectif OY3, Mai 2017

The Pink Miradoor is put down ... on a roof for comtemplate the Blue World on May 17, 2017 to Mulhouse.

Its construction and assembly in performance mode
by the artists, Francis Willm / Strasbourg and his accomplice Alexandra Phillips / New York, in pink hood made a pink-ROSE sculpture spring in all its brilliance.

A first opportunity to gain height Pink Miradoor has verified that top of his point of view, the sights are beautiful and well more poetic.

A first confrontation with the roofs and the neighboring architectures builds an "intermonuments" dialogue.

A mini-setup game with mini-Pink Miradoors will follow on the rooftop on a green carpet.

Then, the Pink Miradoor makes its entrance way Indoor by exposing yourself with photographs and mini-Pink Miradoors alongside the artists d'OY3 in commercial premises fallow.

First emotions for the artist, those of the Collective OY3 and many public were at the rendezvous.

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