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In the name of the Rose, the Pink and the beautiful
The name of the pink color appears as such asearly as 1837 at the scholar Portal in his bookdedicated to colors.
The surprise of the different shades of pink: the pink Bisque, the pink Chair, the pink Cherry, he Pink Eggshell, Pink Thigh Nymph, Fuchsia pink, Incarnat pink, Hollywood pink, the Misty Rose, the pink Nacarat, the pink Pelure onion, the Sweet Rose, the Dragée Rose, the Rose Mountbatten, the Persian Rose, the Rose Razzle
Dazzle, the Rose Schocking, the Vivid Rose, theSalmon pink...
The pink color symbolically embodies the romance, eroticism and seduction (telephone pink), youth, tenderness and happiness (to see life in pink).
Ambiguous or ambivalent color, from the beginningof Twentieth century, the rose is sexed to homosexuals and to girls either for discriminatory reasons or be marketing to sell twice the same oy. One in blue to boys, the other in pink to the girls.

Although in the Middle Ages, the rose was the symbol of virility in men ...
In fashion, the rose is more lively, translated in English by “Pink” which is in the seventeenthcentury a term of dyeing. Some pigments even have the name of “Rosepink” ...


Nowadays, the pink-pink color is also present in

art and culture. See the singer Pink or Pink Floyd

Group, Life in Pink of Edith Piaf, The Pink Soldier

of Louis Chedid or Marcel Duchamp who invents

the character Rose Sélavy later picked up by Robert

Desnos or by Gertrude Stein in their poems.

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