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As early as 2008, the artist Francis Willm, attribute to pink-pink color a new symbolic connotation as a universe utopian, a prism and a pink mindset.

The rose becomes a hyphen between men and with the
Nature with shamanic, telluric and humanistic virtues.
He imagines a pink skin as universal dermis of man of tomorrow.

The rose is for him a community marker of the spirit Pink and stands out as resistance to barbarism and ignorance of any kind.

His vision Pink is 361 °, 1 ° difference that makes the difference.

His work creates semantics, characters and ideas specific pink, for example:

- the expression: oh ! It’s no Pink; a half glass empty or half Pink? or In Pink we trust...

- the physicist Pinkstein and his famous scientific formula, Pink = mc2 or his humorous nickname of Pinkasso by the artist

- the Pink language of the artists, the Artsperanto, the
Rosesperanto ...

- Varum ist Die banana Pink ?, the title of his artistic manifesto

- Pinkternet technology that connects Pink Men

- “to be Pink or not to be Pink” the question that already arose W. Shakespeare.

- the world will not be spiritual in the twentieth according to André Malraux but Pink! And you ?

Soon Man will enter a new geological era, anthroporosis according to Francis Willm.

The artist offers us:
- to play all Pink-Ponk!
- to create the currency of the 8th Continent, the Eurose
- to have the will to mark the history of art in pink irons.
- etc

Finally, let us remember Pierre Dac’s 1958 quote:
“If the gray matter was pinker, the world would have less
dark thoughts “.
And remember the motto of BMF :
“Pink, Punk, Peace”.

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