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The Quest and the Pilgrim.

It is the continent of the continents, a supra continent,
hidden from the world, preserved and authentic, which drifts according to history and practices of art.

Forgotten and fantastic, it includes 1000 moons and
dreams. Maybe, a new Atlantis, a Cipangu or Pink
Arcadia ... parallel to the Blue Planet says the Monde

This original eden held secret is accessible through artistic practice and the journey of “Watcher” warned and initiated.

Land of visual asylum, it is a place of entities and producers of meaning, a space of rebirths and reconstructions, of a live together and a new point of departure with nature.

The 8th Continent is a mental, spiritual space and physical. Present in each of us. He is tall astrophysical and molecular. The singularity of a new energy, pink.

The pioneers of this wasteland will be the living and disappeared artists. Then, will come scientists and philosophers. Well, well after all men.

So it’s in the name of a Pink Eldorado or of a Reconquista, the exploratory artist that. I am becoming a pilgrim by its different artistic works relating his quest for the 8th Continent.

This continent will also welcome the extinct forests - the Black Forest project series - a laboratory space about human and animal cyborgs, Artificial Intelligence, transhumanism, bio-technology, medicine of the future ..., a sanctuary for the current flora and fauna, the resurrection of extinct species, a site of space research and astrophysics, the humanities and the social sciences…, an agora for Ecology...

The Pink civilization is already running!
cf. the different clues on our planet:
- cotton candy
- the pink flamingo, the pink pig or the pink Panther
- The pink period of Picasso
- the song: life in Rose
- the famous book, the Pink Room
- the first name and the pink flower
- Pink Martini drink
- the movie, The Purple Rose of Cairo
- etc.

What else to say then!

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