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Pink Miradoors® or the Visual Megaphone: since 2015

Pink Miradoors® is a posture proposition, a signal and a lighthouse to prevent the nature and flora of human impact on its ecological environment.

Pink Miradoors® is a cure and vaccine sent from the 8th Continent to the blue planet and its inhabitants with the complicity from Banana Manifesto.

In any case, the Pink Miradoors® make it possible to take height and question.

Ambivalence and memory of the dark times of humanity (prison, surveillance, wars, walls anti- (im) migrations ...) is certain.

But, once the sculpture dressed in pink-pink color, she becomes an observatory of the evolution of the earthlings and the nature, a forum for artistic and cultural expression, a science lab, collaborative ideas box ...

The Pink Miradoors® project is a constructive and interactive in the current geopolitical landscape. A pink hyphen.

The Pink Miradoor®, a trans-civilization symbol, gives a glimpse our time and the History of Humanity with the same strength iconic than Andy Warhol’s famous Campbell box representing the consumer society of the 70s-80s.

The Pink Miradoor is the culmination of elevation, contemplation and observation since hunter-gatherer man perched on a tree or mound to observe his environment.

Thus, diverted photographic works are born recovered on the net then the realization of mini sculptures Pink Miradoors® from these photos, installations giants accompanied by performances placed in full nature or urban site.

Surprise Painting Actions will inevitably follow ...

To listeners, good views!

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