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Pieta BMF, tech mixte, 120 x 150 cm, 201


At The Begining. 2008-09

“Banana Manifesto® is a mystification based on an identity falsely ridiculous.

Our myth is built up as our actions, which play on the media codes of information and activism, humorously proposing a kind of terrorism offset aesthetic, a humanist utopia, in the form of a happy parody of all the demagogues ... because once again, the essence of all things is a hidden truth. We thus put in scene of the hooded pink characters: heir anonymity gives us the guarantee of being able to extend the singular experience to a collective dimension.

The Pink Project (PP) fits in this respect as part of our provocations aesthetic. It’s in the operating mode, the way for us to do burst our flashy realities, to expand the contagion of our lives into pink. Pink becomes the spearhead of our development, our explosion of the world, and fits as the founding act of our movement.

Pink is our trademark, our vector is emerging. We use a Banana Manifesto® pink color to emphasize the mechanisms of our societies through different accessories and materials, highlight the limit of social codes rose Banana Manifesto® is a dream, the color of what we want to give, that of a dressing on the vicissitudes of our world, but also the color of an original matrix, that of our paradise lost...

We redefine by the hijacking of codes the very essence of all creation. This color code becomes the allegorical method of our incursion into the land of symbols, the means of reappropriating the world through a metaphorical invasion, to impose hegemony of our smiling and benevolent empires, where derision allows this building a parallel universe; it will gradually expand globally as a salutary pandemic and will restore our dreams of origin on the future pink planet.

Created in 2008 in Strasbourg, its founding members are Isabelle Grob (contemporary dancer and choreographer), Laurent Follot (actor and screenwriter) and Francis Willm (visual artist).
First Pink packages: Strasbourg, Geneva, Milan, Brazil in 2008 and 2009.

Now, BMF Return, since 2013
Since 2013, Francis Willm resumes the adventure and invites others artists to develop the Pink Spirit and the utopian creation of his 8th Continent.

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