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The Clou (nail)l and Linea Pink® or a network of collaboration and alternative connection: from 2020

A nail can hang a painting on a wall. It is often a memory, a postcard of one's own culture or one's own mirror that is found there ...
The  Clou Pink® can hang and pin the world, a place, an idea ... See to locate a place and people extraordinary or remarkable.

Thus, imagine Le Clou Pink® as a set of sculptures of giant nails in Pink several meters high. Their varied shapes, lying down (to make a bench for example), standing (visible from afar), crossed or bent will designate a meeting space delivering in its immediate perimeter specifically Pink content. These Pink Nails can be interpreted as runes too ...

These Pink Nails can be interpreted as runes delivered by the 8th Continent as a paxivist message.

It would be a unique place where people will meet and exchange physically and virtually among themselves.
A piece of the 8 th Continent where shows, conferences, poetry speakers and exhibitions will express themselves through the Pink Prism.
A kind of Pink Hot Spot !

Now, let's move on to a more advanced and deployed phase. A network of Hots Spot Pink in the four corners of the world, in the city, in the countryside, by the sea or in the mountains.
A place, places where the community of future HUNs will meet to become informed, collaborate and exchange.

In parallel, setting up the Linea Pink®. A poetic pink line, virtual and real that everyone can achieve and co-build the connections between the different Spot Pink Hots across the planet.

How? By participating in the project by taking pink powder spread over several meters, or by painting pieces of wood or a string in pink, or on paper or with pink chalk on the ground directly this Linea Pink.
Your pink line would be placed between or in the direction of the  Clous Pink® constituting a mesh and a global poetic network.

And consequently you allow, in turn, to wind and cover the blue planet of the famous pink veil ...

You become a poetical and a continentor ...

Furthermore, like all Pink collaborators, you take photos of your installation. Then, you post on the site Pinkterest®  by figuring the length and the coordinates of your work.

Thus, at the end of the year is outlined on a virtual map the different Hots Spot Pink,  Linéa Pink®  drawn by each.

The screen would display: << At the end of this year, 20 Spot Pink hots, 42 Pink Nails and 3,204 km of Linea Pink have been made >>.

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