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Land Art, 1, Kabyllia, Algéria, 2006.JPG


That of vortex plastic in the oceans
and space pollution.

The ‘’ Garbage Esthetic ‘’ program starting from postulate that pollution, waste and packaging are among us and for a good a long time.

They are the essence of a new aesthetic impose despite us that I names “Garbage Esthetic”.

Maybe by accepting the symptom we could heal faster and distinguish in the distance the Pink sea spray!

Different actions in the form of Land Art, performances,
videos and photos follow.

“Garbage Esthetic I” in Beni Yeni, Algeria (2004)
“Garbage Esthetic II” in Heraklion, Creta (2006)
Project ‘’ Garbage Landcapes ‘’ in Heraklion, Creta (2006)
Project ‘’ Ro-Box ‘’ , Strasbourg (2008)

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