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those of the 1st men and the current Parody.

G-G 1989
Series titled also “One of the all black men” is a tribute to Lucy, the first man discovered in Africa before expanding on others continents.

The Guardian-Watchan (Gardien-Guetteur/G-G)
represents for him the Zen inner warrior and Buddhist protecting the entrance to the Pink world in the making.

It’s the passion of sciences, sciences human rights,
art, travel and the meeting of others, ... which denotes the humanist motor of young artist of the time.

The treatment in black, refutes the representation descriptive of the individual in order to perceive the essence of it. The appearance filter no longer needs to be.

G-G are the starting point of the artist’s work. Spiritual and poetic.

The artist studies the origin of men and their dispersion in the Blue World, like hominids, he creates entities. Guardians-Watchers, Willmus, Ro-box, Parodies, Pedestrians...
And take clichés of surviving civilizations nowadays.
For him, we are all migrants!

The first steps and seeds towards the 8th Continent
are initiated.

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