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Ro-box2, 120 x 160 cm, tech mixte, 2009.


since 2008

Ro-Box & Co is a straight-line series of performance and Land Art series "Garbage Esthetic" made in Kabylie in Algeria and Creta in 2006.

This project resurfaced with Banana Manifesto during our performances and artistic proposals at the Friche in Strasbourg in January 2009 via these Ro-Box large formats on a human scale.

Thus: "the earth is a box, my house is a box, my car is a box, my job is a box, my head is a box, my shower is a box, my train is a box, my coffin is a box, my body is made of boxes ... The boxes are bodies, the boxes are facades, consumption box and removed recovery. The boxes are sculptures, paintings and entities.”

This work alludes to the consumer world, ecology, recycling, advertising, printing, distribution, to goods transport, shelving..., textual, photographic and graphic wealth, the chemical component of products, etc.

This is the Pandora's box of a contemporary mythology of desire and its erotic pangs.
This work is still, besides societal, but also ethnic and social, which defines societies through these false gray-gray boxes ending up in the trash and as new fertilizer of our mother planet.
Thus, depending on the places of recovery of the boxes it is possible to define the commercial infrastructure, the habitat and the social and sexual status of the consumer. << Tell me what you throw, I'll tell you what (who or what) to kill! >>

The term "RO-BOX" makes us think of the word "robot" whose ethymology is derived from Slavic languages, invented by the Kapel brothers of the 1920s, meaning slave or devoted worker.
Then the science fiction writer Isaac Asimov, writes the Three Laws of Robotics. Rules present in his fiction from 1942 in Runaround whose robots must obey.


These laws are:
1. A robot can not harm a human being, nor, remaining passive, allow a human being to be exposed to danger.
2. A robot must obey the orders given to it by a human being, unless such orders conflict with the first law.
3. A robot must protect its existence as long as this protection does not conflict with the first or second law

What to wonder about our world of "Ro-Box" ...!
Long live the "Ro-Box Populi"!

Firstly, it is a question of recovering a heteroclite set of packaging in sorting bins at the bottom of buildings. Miraculous peaches because often well preserved. Then choice of subjects with surprising varieties (shapes, sizes, materials and creative facades to praise the products in box). Then unpacking the workshop, sorting
and storage with the other "bo-box".

With enough nutrients to embark on the realization of a first work of "Man-Automata" each box is arranged according to its content, its format, its brand, its typography ... By example the pizza boxes will constitute the belly. Natural receptacle of digestion and final destination of the contents. Yum !
This character nestles on the canvas against a background of colored gray colors imbued with tags or completely saturated with primary colors.

Then tomorrow new questions and possibilities, new proposals and artistic experiences to come ...

Each brick of cardboard constitutes by its construction together to make fall the wall of the illusion which separates us from the pink world in becoming ...

Thus, the robot of the future, is only gaining autonomy, thanks to the A.I. and Deep Learning, and will soon detach from the umbilical cord of Man. It's the time of singularity.

So, to live in harmony with him, I propose 2 immediate actions:
- to invite him to live and share our daily life on the 8 th Continent so as to be also an entity endowed with poetry and creation, to be a probable ambassador between Man and Nature, to enlighten us about ourselves thanks to Big data, to have the same rights and obligations as men and all living species (fauna, floraspecism), etc.
- the birth of this new entity, born by Man, will require changing its name of Robot (slave ...). Maybe it's a Hun, a Golembot, a Golbot, a NewJedi or a Ro-Box.
Thus, the content (soul) of the container (skeleton, skin ...) of the "animated box" will be accepted by all as a being among others.
A test before meeting probable E.T. like new forms

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