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(1) Poetician artist according to Francis Willm’s definition is the one who creates work of art with poetic dimension.

(2) “Paxivist” artist according to Francis Willm offers an alternative way to activism and militantism. He commends peace, self love and others, to the world and Nature by producing poetic and collaborative works of art.

(3) “Continentor” according to Francis Willm is an artist who made an artistic continent which represent a physic and mental space where artistic experiences, meetings points and playgrounds spread. It ofers new cartographics, new mythologies and utopias. Francis Willm, Saraceno Tomas and Michelangelo Pistolleto take part undeniably in current “continentors” movement.

(4) The 8th continent is named Pinkania. It follows upon 5 others terrostrial continents (Africa, Europe, Americas, Australia, Asia). The 6th continent is componed by infobisity : images, informations, big data and numeric space overload. The 7th one is created plastic oceans and spatial buoy of garbage around Earth. The 8th continent is a reconciliation place for Human, itself and Nature. A sanctuary. In others words a possible artistic, ecologic and human geopolitics.

(5) The borning universal Man is the new universal consciouness emerging at the time of digital technoly, internet, globalization, transhumanism, clonage, green teck... and the twlilight of discriminations, wars, inequitable sharings, pollution...
8th continent will modelize each one’s best in accordance with nature. The Man of tomorrow will be a polymath in Pink.

(6) The Pink-Rose has to be understood as a prism, a state of mind, a filter.., a new horizon, a vector of poetry titing works of art. It’s also universal skin color cancelling the prejudicexs of racial colors. it leaves its current “kitsch” statut and gets shamanic and magical virtues. Pink operates like an ointment, a bandage, an elixir, a resurection, a regenerating, a lighthouse, a sign, an alert, a posture of resistance against inhumanity and ignorance.

(7) Banana Manifesto (BMF) is a collectif of artists, Pinkas wearing pink hood. They will be little soldiers with Pink artistic actions and interventions around the world. BMF has existed from 2008 to 2009. BMF Return re-started in 2013. The delivered message by BMF is “Pink,Punk, Peace”.

(8) Le Monde Bleu (The Blue World) is our time with all his outrages and his happiness



Francis Willm defines himself as a “poetical ” (1), a “paxivist” (2) and a “continentor” (3)artist.

His ambition is to cover the blue planet with a pinkveil in order to join and build the eight continent as a refuge for nascent Universal Man.

He says with humor that he is the third chromatic musketeer of art. According to Yves Klein The Blue and Pierres Soulages The Black, Francis Willm The Pink-Rose. MisterPinkasso ?!

His work develops a poetic, shamanistic and subversif space with theatrical Punk and electro flavors.

He acts in Pink of Banana Manifesto (BMF) spirit wearingPinkHood to show, share and experiment new territories revisiting our myths and civilizations presentand passed.

His motto :”In each one the fuel : diesel, gazoline, green or spiritual”.

This utopia and pink mythology to build a new continent, Pinkania the eight Continent, brings the new humanity to be reconciled with itshelf and Nature.

However, the artist will also present in parallel work on our current world. The Blue World (8) !

Paxivist, continentor and poet.

Former artistic director in communication, entertainment
technician, creator of a supermarketof
art with a web and literary café.
International visual and performer artist, 30 years
of experience across the world, on the edge of the
revelation of his major work Pink.


1913 : Birth of his grandmother Rose Willm, who taught him his first Pink attitudes and postures.

1964 : Birth of the artist in France under pseudonym Francis Willm

1974 : As Christmas gift, he receveid a box of art paiting that he has never used

1985-89 : Cinema and art studies and show technician in theather, cinema, concert and television.

1988 : Realised his first pink tests

2001 : Stamped by Royal Pink Flamingo Academy of Art

2013 : Became aware of his membership on the lineage of Pinkas artists...


1988 : Photocopy of his switched on television in a copy center

1990 : “Marianne 90 n°XVI” painting

1988-2008 : Artistic walking on the moon

2006 : “Premiere historic” artistic performance on the Isle of Creta, “Racine-Roots”

2008 :  Banana Manifesto (BMF) ‘s co-creation

2013 : BMF Return in solo + Kamalou project’s launch in

2017-18 : Revelation to the world of Pink-Rose movement and Eight Continent

2018-20 : BFM Pink-Rose, Volume 1, manifest’s edition : Warum ist die Banane Pink ?

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