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since 2016

The Black Forest project illustrates the Pink spirit while passing the pink color.

Indeed, for the artist Black Forest represents symbolically the burned and destroyed forests as well as the disappearance of its ecosystem by the man. (Forests Amazon or Indonesia, for example, for precious wood, palm oil, various monocultures, sand and mangrove, concreting, end of primary forests...)

With these installations, these extinct forests will be reborn on the 8 th Continent to constitute its primary forest and to welcome in the long term its Pink ecosystem.

These trunks or wood logs are painted black which reminds the burned forests and the weight of the dark side of the Man on his environment.

In addition, the trunk is cut or sawed distinctly alluding to the expression: the man saw the branch on which he sits!

The imprint itself draws a mystic card.
Perhaps the contours of the 8 th Continent!

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